Get support to a vulnerable person that’s gone missing quicker with the Keep Safe scheme.

Many families live with the constant anxiety that a vulnerable relative, such as someone with Alzheimer’s or Dementia, may go missing. The Keep Safe scheme helps the authorities to get support to a missing vulnerable person quicker and easier.

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Access information anywhere

Gain 24/7 secure access to information stored on the Keep Safe system whether you’re on mobile, desktop or tablet.

Automatically populate a database

The Keep Safe public-facing form automatically populates a police database so there’s no need to add information manually.

Complete in advance

A carer, support workers, family member or friend can complete a secure, public-facing, online form to record important information about a vulnerable person.

Get appropriate support quicker

In the event of a vulnerable person going missing, their details can be accessed quickly by authorised officials.

Complies with the Herbert protocol

The Herbert Protocol encourages carers to compile useful information about a vulnerable person if they’re at risk of going missing.

Multiple public-facing forms

Public-facing forms could be placed in several locations to encourage participation in the scheme – for example a council website.
What is the Keep Safe Scheme?

The Keep Safe Scheme aims to support people with vulnerabilities to get help in an emergency when out and about.

For example, a support worker, family member or friend could provide information to the Keep Safe scheme about a vulnerable person with dementia or Alzheimers. If that person is then found when missing, a member of the emergency services would be able to login to the system to learn more about the individual. This could include medication required, mobile numbers, places previously located, a photograph and social and communication needs etc.

Compiling information in advance saves time later

It’s a stressful time for all involved when a vulnerable person goes missing. By storing information in advance, you can get support to someone that needs it quicker.

With so much at stake, there really is no place for those withholding important information.

By giving all local professionals access to a collaborative network, everyone is better placed to address the needs of the vulnerable people they’re connected with. When partners work together, they can build a more comprehensive picture of an individual’s situation and ultimately improve outcomes.

Online Forms

Online forms speed up the process of compiling information.

There are various forms of the Keep Safe scheme in operation around the UK. Many of these require a carer to complete a paper form which is then entered into a system manually. With the Empowering Communities Keep Safe product, the forms are electronic and can be completed online. The information is then sent directly into the police/scheme database, which saves administration time.

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